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wSaturday, July 05, 2003

Pumping Politics

“I’ll be back” Arnold the Republican
just visited Iraq
on July 4
to promote a movie and himself
as the next governor of California.

“I’ll be back” meets “Bring Em On” George.
Baghdad is now owned by the Republican Party
and snipers and bombs
and cholera and blood
not withstanding
they use it to promote
political power
and popcorn sales
at the flicks

Arnold compared
present day Iraq
to California
where the Republicans
are toppling an elected government
and the Terminator
has Austrian ambitions

An Austrian authoritarian actor
seems like a perfect successor
if Dubya’s Empire of Bayonetted Goodness
is to posses extravaganza spin
for a thousand years
of cliché and death.

posted by stew at 10:20 AM

wFriday, July 04, 2003

Long Hot Summer

Wives going nuts
maybe their husbands
are coming back killers
if they come back
from Iraq.
Knowing high divorce
came after Gulf War 1
and wanting
and fearing
the father
of their baby to be.

Dubya likes the fight
he can see it on the tube
read the insider reports
and Ye-haw the conquests.
Nation Building ain’t my thing
he assured us
and straight shooting cowboy oath
he told the truth.
Dubya loves Destroying nations
and some families in Georgia.

Generals say we’re still at war
too much coordination
too much killing
and put $25 million
on Saddam’s head
like Bob Ford killing Jesse James
but the bucks would be wasted.

Saddam’s beside the point
cause anyone’s
gonna hate the guy
who took away
his water and history
and when it’s 120 degrees in the shade
wouldn’t you just kill
the refrigeration bandit
who shut off your air conditioning.

posted by stew at 9:38 AM

wThursday, July 03, 2003

The Last Teenager

Bush entertains the rich
and is well paid for it
in pleasant surroundings of good food
and pats on the back.
Even his Yale class of ‘68
thinks he’s a great guy
and comes bowing
in the West Wing.

Far from pitching a tent
in a desert hell.

Old teenagers
frying in Iraqi summer
fire and hatred
don’t have much fun at parties
nobody's giving them money.
If they make it back to Alabama
they’ll have one welcome home hoot
and get very drunk
then the hero for a day
will find out
about eligibility
and unemployment insurance.

Ain’t no Iraqis gonna
push Bush around.
Even them fancy
European fashion boys
are dressing up models
as cowboys.

Stepping into Saddam’s Saloon
Mr. White Hat
order milk
and sez
to the Iraqi gunmen and freedom fighters
“Bring ‘em on!”
Dubya’s gonna fight
to the last teenager.

posted by stew at 8:46 AM

wWednesday, July 02, 2003

Promise Keepers

Did the antiwar movement
wander down the wrong street
with ever narrower twisting turns
disappearing in fog and darkness?
Hey the war is still going on
its just being fought in new contexts.
of hell.
Bring The Boys Home Now!

Once we built a movement,
millions chanting against calamity
and murder.
Needing again
to come
out of the cobwebs
of dark minds
with a bright banner
the future
didn’t die
wasn’t looted,
isn’t Dubya.

Dying in a desert,
the American promise
Who wants their young name
on a memorial wall?

posted by stew at 8:48 AM

wTuesday, July 01, 2003

Going To The Mat

If you want to understand America,
don’t go reading
the Federalist Papers or DeTouqville
Jefferson, Madison or Debs
don’t matter.
Turn your TV on
tuning to the wrestling channel
where the great truth
of the modern soul
was first spoken.

Reality isn’t real!

Wrestling promoters know
Americans don’t care about facts
and legitimacy
cause the truth is in the show,
these days
even confessing
to the fans
its all rehearsed in the dressing room
and the marks keep cheering
and spending
don’t bore them with facts
they have their heroes
they have their fiends.

Tell Americans
Bush wasn’t elected
Saddam was innocent of 9/11
Iraq doesn’t have terrible weapons
Iraqis hate us.
Bush is a liar.
They shrug their shoulders
cheering a script.
that was rehearsed in the dressing room
and keep spending
having heroes
having fiends.

To hell with pundits
Ask any wrestling promoter
about how
Gorgeous George
is the father
of our country.

posted by stew at 11:16 AM

wMonday, June 30, 2003


Standing on a pile of death
can’t anyone
will a future
making the tragedy

Isn’t there anything nice
that might happen someday?
Some little way
of living
without breathing
and smelling corpses?

Leaders only talking
about the past.
Magnificent revenge,
"they asked for it
we gave it them."
Long Live The Crusades!
Death is forever.
There is no future
but the past.

Doesn’t anyone want
to step outside,
stand on a mountain
going back to the future,
our birthright promise
that all punishment
would end in peace.

Rulers rehashing
their ancient crimes
dream only
of themselves.

Can the people still dream?

posted by stew at 10:08 AM