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wSaturday, June 21, 2003

Burning Mountain

"Desert mountain Catalinas
have unexpected forests and ferns
waiting at its furthest height
with shade
stones laid like statues
from Easter Island
bizarre faces of giant animals and something else...."

Santa Catalina Mountains’
hell fires and winds
consuming habitations, homes and hopes
for a delightful summer of breeze and shade
for desert denizens escaping
burning droughts
maddening mirages
always shifting
built of endless sand.
What was shade
becoming raging fuel

The unintentional statues
of stone and mystery
continue gazing over blind vistas
of no particular meaning
charred and scared now
by cruel torches
they seem to share our pain.

posted by stew at 10:20 AM

wFriday, June 20, 2003

Fifty Years Ago

Raziel and Harold
were worlds away
from Julius and Ethel.
My mother didn’t like Communists
because they picnicked on Brighton Beach
during Yom Kippur
and my father said that everyone he knew
who messed with Reds
talked nonsense
and got into trouble.

Bur Raziel and Harold
took the execution personally
my mother cried
my father said it was because
they were Jews

“Lucille Ball was a Communist but not Jewish, so they let her go.”

Raziel and Harold
wanted me
to take the Rosenbergs as a warning.
Stay out of trouble,
you’re Jewish
they’ll go after you twice as much,
besides you stand out
you’re blonde.

Exactly the kind of Jews
JE Hoover
was looking for.

posted by stew at 8:33 AM

wThursday, June 19, 2003

News Today, Oh Boy!

Dubya sez
he won’t tolerate Iran
having nuclear weapons
its OK for Israel
Pakistan and China
but Iran doesn’t pass his stiff character test.

They hold elections
and the real winner wins
they don’t occupy another country
with murderous joyous abandon
Iran isn’t suitable for the free world
and its fan club
No Nukes for Mullahs!

No elections for Iraq!
An American officer who read
in Stars & Stripes
that his army brought democracy to Baghdad
set a date for a city council election in Najaf
printed up ballots
organized registration
built ballot boxes
but big boss Bremer
canceled the really big show.
The town wasn’t ready for freedom.
No elections!
But in a more positive note
there will be press censorship
and an opposition party was outlawed.

In Israel and Palestine
Dubya’s road map
off a cliff
called Palestinian Civil War
and American occupation
working its deadly magic
Bush got tough with Sharon
from now on
Arik can only kill Palestinian leaders
who he thinks
might be planing an attack
pre-emptive, just like in Iraq.

Our Homeland is being secured
by angry wives
lying about their husbands terrorist plots
to friendly Feds,
the guy really cheated with his secretary
and spent months in jail
and still isn’t allowed on an airplane
unless he’s leaving for good.

Fifty years ago tonight
the Homeland was protected
when David Greenglass
lied about his sister Ethel
and she and her husband
burned in the electric chair
for being Atomic spies.
Now they say Ethel was innocent
and her husband
was maybe a third rate spy
who distributed information
everyone already had.

Everyone felt a little safer
hiding under their duck and cover desks
like when a bunch of Arabs get busted
for looking funny on a subway to Brooklyn.

posted by stew at 9:05 AM

wWednesday, June 18, 2003

Dumb And Dumber

Have Americans learned to love
being lied too
have they just grown stupid watching television?

Believing Saddam pulled off 9/11
and that weapons of mass destruction
were found in Iraq

Dubya sez they were
maybe even used on innocent American soldiers
cause if they have them
they’re gonna use them.

Clinton lied about Monica
Americans couldn’t forgive him
cause maybe they would do the same thing
it was embarrassing
but who would lie us into a war
occupation and a guerilla war?

Nobody tell lies that big
that often
so they must true
like when Homeland Security once said
the Jews were being transferred to the East
why bother making up such a big lie
about Jews moving to Poland?
They always wander any way.

posted by stew at 11:30 AM

wTuesday, June 17, 2003

Travelers From The Sun

Desert brightness
can see everywhere
that ever was
its all the same to a Saguaro.
arms raised in shining worship
arms hanging down
from seeing too much.

Caves of stone driven by water
rising up
lowering down
reaching for itself
in unknown shapes
of totemic time
Creating beyond concepts
disguised as a simple hill.
It was recently discovered.

Desert mountain Catalinas
have unexpected forests and ferns
waiting at its furthest height
with shade
stones laid like statues
from Easter Island
bizarre faces of giant animals and something else
looking out over a million miles
not from the hand
of extraterrestrial space traveling Incas,
strange complex contradictory
images and shapes
created for no purpose or pleasure
exuberance for the hell of it
everything exists beyond imagination
good and evil.

Alaska Airlines
gives out Wall Street Journals
to returning mind travelers
from the sun
the sugary simple lies of Bush
written across its face
at last something
a Saguaro doesn’t know.

posted by stew at 10:42 AM