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wTuesday, June 10, 2003

I am off on vacation. No blogs for a week.

Read All About It

Media for the moment
seems out of embed with Bush.
what didn’t Bush know
and when didn’t he know it?

When was he unaware
that Osama and Bin Laden
hated each other
never mind conspiratorial plotting
these guys couldn’t agree on lunch.

When was Dubya fully misinformed
about Saddam not having
a fire cracker’s worth
of massive military might
threatening our skyscrapers?

When didn’t he know
that Iraqis wouldn’t welcome his occupation
and certainly wouldn’t consider
voting for him
in the next election?

Momentarily free press
isn’t asking
the mother of all questions.

When didn’t Bush know
that 9/11 was a happening
who didn’t tell him?

posted by stew at 9:12 AM

wMonday, June 09, 2003


constructs Dubya’s photo ops
the Twin Towers tomb
a US carrier bringing home
who destroyed a country
death camps in Poland
the graveyard of all hope
Middle East peace talks.

Always dramatic camera angles
and vows of godly vengeance

As extras
cheering soldiers are preferred.

Dubya didn’t come off strong
at the death camp,
seemed bored and edgy
no stooges cheering on cue
he couldn’t find a sound bite
to blame it all
on Saddam and Osama.

posted by stew at 9:05 AM

wSunday, June 08, 2003

Future Land

Fear stalks
Coney Island’s Avenue
of forgotten fun and games.
They might get reported
for gathering before a television set.

Terrified Pakistanis living America ‘s
could be future
of total terror
deported or disappeared.

Ashcroft experimenting
with his
first they came for the Paks
utopia of you must obey
but I wasn’t a Pak
Christian Control Commission
then they came for the peaceniks
of merciless moral majorities.

A monumental project of absolute domination
conducted in broad daylight
on Brooklyn’s gossipy streets
nobody sees anything
a small item
in the NY Times
you can’t believe a word they write.

posted by stew at 11:50 AM