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wSaturday, May 10, 2003


Dry drunken George
our once and future king,
in his empire,
a billionaire Bloomberg buys
New York in a post 9/11 fire sale
and kicks the sick and walking wounded
off the almost nothing
that is left of Welfare.
Let them find work in fever and pain.

In his empire
Viet Kids in an Oakland High School
are dragged from class
by Homeland Security
questioned and threatened for hours
cause in classroom chatter
they dissed
dry drunken George.

In his empire
a collapsing Oregon
with dying schools
is urged to spend millions on pubic relations
because Doonesbury
is damaging its image.
Dry drunken George is public relations.

It’s the terror stupid, Karl Rove boasts.
You can’t defeat a wartime president
and this war is never gonna end.

Not drinking booze anymore
dry drunken George
toasts his victory with blood.
He is the the King.
He is the Count.

posted by stew at 10:19 AM

wFriday, May 09, 2003

Angels OF Anarchy

Mad Max rules Iraq.
He killed a couple of marines yesterday.
He sells AK-47's in the market place.
And loots neighborhoods with his 40 thieves.

American generals say they can't police a country
that's as large as California.
Strange how earlier MP's had once
kept Germany in check.

Every Iraqi has a gun
keeping an eye on every other Iraqi,
some focus their scope
on fresh faced American kids
who were told
they would be welcomed as liberators.

Same lie was given to young Russians
when they marched into Afghanistan.
Bush lies like Brezhnev
but hires better speech writers.

Learning to live without water, electricity, medicine.
Cholera happens
and crazy kicks can be had
by power
growing out of a gun barrel,
bloody purpose found
in suiciding
as Allah's Avenger.

Did you think our ah shucks Christian goof ball dictator
would become
the dark angel of anarchy, nihilism and cosmic chaos?

Coming for the oil.
Leaving nothing behind.

posted by stew at 9:51 AM

wThursday, May 08, 2003

In The Time Of Cholera

NY Times
admits Iraq in free fall to hell.
Nothing works and Cholera happens.

The Times blames it on administrative incompetence
very competent American bombers
who took out all the electricity
and its grids.

They hit a civilian target
because Dubya wanted Saddam off the tube.
First they came for the TV station
but the Evil One kept happening
Then they came for the electricity
and Saddam split.

Without prime time
what’s the point in being a dictator?

After Dubya took the electricity
the looters took everything else.

American liberation
is darkness
Bush Christianity is blood.
Defeated planet
when Shi’ite means hope.

posted by stew at 8:53 AM

wWednesday, May 07, 2003


Seems like Saddam is born again.
He sent out a radio rap on resistance
to American occupation
and he’s got billions of bucks,
a wild pissed off man with nothing to lose.

Maybe he’s got religion
and is hanging with Bin Laden
at the
Beard Of The Prophet Cafe
plotting explosive entertainment
and guest shot comeback appearances
on prime time HBO?

Iraq is importing gas
like coal to Newcastle,
bombed out electrical grids
looted oil fields
don’t make for happy motorists
waiting on line for three days.

Dubya ruined Iraq more than
the antiwar movement predicted.
We warned him about
death destruction and Islamic Crazies
marching by the millions,
new wave terrorists, with a New Islamic Agenda.
And that
financial costs of conquest
would break our bank.
But who among us,
even the most cynical,
thought Bushies couldn’t provide
some law
some order
under total military occupation?

they would
protect museums and atomic facilities from gangsters?

Forget about “on time.”
These dictators can’t even make the trains run.

posted by stew at 9:16 AM

wTuesday, May 06, 2003

even the brain feels stiff
nothing is “just so” anymore.
Now, it's all effort and stumbling will.
Can’t take movement for granted.

Imagination helps.

Why bother?
Why not?
What else?

The "when I'm gone" crowd
hasn't done much of late
gone is gone.
Gotta do it now
Gotta do it here.

posted by stew at 4:42 PM



The Democrats debating each other the other day
looked like small time actors auditioning
for a tiny part in a B movie.

Of course Dubya once looked like Alfred E. Newman
till he got the Junta macho makeover
and one of these guys
with the right agent
might have star potential.

But he would burn to a cinder
under the Junta’s searing light
of expose,
remembering the time he masturbated in kindergarten
and chanted Give Peace A Chance in 1970.
The candidates look like fodder for fraud,
“gotta make it
seem like a democracy
it’s an election
so dig up an opponent
make it look good for a few rounds.”

If Dubya goes down,
it won’t be because these Democrats
blinded him
by the light of charisma and courage.

His worst enemy
is still
Alfred E. Newman
hiding in the helmet.
Top Gun firing blanks.

posted by stew at 9:11 AM

wMonday, May 05, 2003

Just Another Name

Iraqi women are afraid
that the fundamentalists will take over
and give them
a one way ticket to the Dark Ages.

Like when the US helped the Talibanistas
overthrow the woman’ friendly Soviet installed regime.
The US abandoned newly liberated Afghan women
to the tender mercies
of time
and the 16 Century.

Viceroy Garner blames
oil rich Iraq’s lack of oil and gas
for its very own automobiles
on the United Nations.
But that international Body
has no juridistiction
over Baghdad’s domestic production.
American bombings
we are just being told
did damaging destruction
to the pipelines.

No oil
No museum
No electricity
No work
No going out at night
Iraq must be free, it has nothing left to lose.

Rummy’s like a rapist.
He conquers by violence
and moves on to a new victim.

Rapists don’t build pretty places for their prey.

posted by stew at 8:59 AM

wSunday, May 04, 2003

Texas Devil vs. The Pope

Pope John Paul 2
thinks Dubya might be the Anti-Christ.
I heard that this rumor was
making the Vatican gossip grapevine
a couple of weeks back.

According to the yarn spinners
the Pope was depressed and dispirited
that he wasn’t twenty years younger
and that he is deteriorating from Parkinson’s
He's bummed that he can't challenge
Texas Devil to mortal combat.

Bush as Anti-Christ?
Influenced by Hollywood and its “Omen”
I always figured the AC would be smart and sophisticated
a great off the cuff master of wit and civilization.
He would hustle you to Hell
with the sense
you were joining an insiders book club.

But who says the Anti-Christ
can’t be a jerk
who can only speak the English language
if someone else makes the preparations?
Christians always believed
the Devil would quote scripture
(Bush reads it from a script)
and pretend he was a Mega Christian.

The Pope thinks Bush is really worshipping blood.
A loveless religion of war and death.
Rousing Americans to murderous rage
and calling it God’s triumph of the will.

Probably its all just wishful thinking
on the part of liberal Catholics
Hoping that the Pope is really on their side.

But John Paul just gave a peace speech in Spain.
His voice was clear as a bell
and his manner energetic.
He had a half million fans cheering in jubilation.
Reporters said he spent the last year exercising.

Maybe Texas Devil needs to watch his back?

posted by stew at 10:30 AM