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wSaturday, April 19, 2003

Silver Lining

After sadism and psychosis
there is an upside to the American occupation.
George Bush is confronting a genuine opposition.

Shiites who will not roll over like Democrats
or fall to their knees like Monica.

While Dubya greedily drinks the oil and lets libraries burn
Shiites are conquering the streets
uniting with ancient Islamic enemies
demanding an Iraq without Bush or Saddam
demanding an Islamic State.

Did the Bin Laden family advise Bush
that conquering Baghdad
would make him a hero?

posted by stew at 9:44 AM

wFriday, April 18, 2003

For Your Sins

The right Reverend Franklin Graham
(Billy’s Kid)
will be preaching at the Pentagon
on Good Friday.

Not so Good for the Moslems.

Franklin recently blamed 9/11
on Islam
which he declared an “evil faith.”
Moslems who work
for the Defense Department

Franklin’s preachers happen to be on the Iraqi border
anxious to conquer Baghdad
for Dubya and Jesus Bush.

The service is a go.

“We believe in pluralism” responds the Pentagon.
Can you picture Rev Louis Farakahan preaching to the troops
after he called Judaism a “gutter religion?”

Children of a lesser God
preach in lesser places.

posted by stew at 9:13 AM

wThursday, April 17, 2003

The Torch

Who is burning the great buildings of Baghdad?
And why?
Looting a store can raise a standard of living for five minutes
or maybe somone wins the lottery
and steals a museum treasure.

Retiree's with a two camel beach front tent
in the desert.

Arson doesn’t put a penny in your pocket
unless someone is picking up the tab?
Paying Iraqi torches the going rate
for flaming-on government buildings, culture centers and libraries.

Who wants to wipe out Iraqi culture and government?
It’s not Saddam starting the fires.


Pick a villain
who the people know.
Never heard of that guy in Syria.
He’s no Bin Laden or Saddam.
His father died and he took over.
No time for great crimes in his legend.

Bush needs famous foes to build his rep
and become a second term emperor.
What a stroke of luck!
The best known bad guy is only 90 miles away.

Que pasa Fidel?

posted by stew at 10:26 AM

wWednesday, April 16, 2003


Dubya is gigantic
like a Thanksgiving Day balloon.
Like Napoleon with a low IQ
Like Hitler with a speech impediment.
Dubya strides the world
in awkward greed
making it safe
for rich kids and mediocrity.

posted by stew at 7:36 AM

wTuesday, April 15, 2003

Unchained Melody

Iraqi’s Shiites burning ancient books
and four thousand year old Assyrian pottery
cracked to shards.

Civilization starts and ends here.
Time is burning to a cinder and forgotten.
McDonald’s was always here
so were Televangelists
and GAP sweatshops.

Hitch hiking on the Road to Damascus.
Bob Hope is 100
Kerouac is dead.
What retired American general
will be annointed Viceroy of Syria.
Does he have to be blonde?

posted by stew at 8:47 AM

wMonday, April 14, 2003

Art Into Life

Thought Bush would at least read my poems.
Lyndon Johnson read something I wrote about him
and told the FBI to kick our asses.
Nixon and Dean
discussed kidnapping me and Jerry Rubin.
I’m an important guy.
The G-men used to break into my house.

I know Bush doesn’t read
but he could have made an exception
in my case because I was so
biting and brilliant in my ironic account
of Bubba Dubya’s demonic dementia of doom.

No threatening comments from Rumsfield.
No threatening visits from the Feds.
Not even a pathetic threatening weirdo phone call.
I feel looted of significance.
In America,
respect for the artist is dead.

posted by stew at 2:06 PM

wSunday, April 13, 2003

As We Go Marching

It felt great being on the protesting streets. Best cure for reading about tragedy is to get off your couch and fight. A sunny April 12 Saturday in Portland and four thousand people were marching against the war and not showing any signs of dangerous depression. Last big march we had saw 25,000 on peace parade and the spirit was zany ferocious. I feared a few hundred people would show up since the conquest phase of the war is almost over and its clear nobody in the White House is listening. But this was a good crowd and when its numbers are added into the D.C. march and the half million in Rome and Spain and many other places we can be sure that a massive opposition movement exists as permanently as Dubya’s love of war and executions.

The march congregated at the waterfront circled though downtown Portland and culminated with a rally in Pioneer Square. There were very few hecklers along the line of march. They insisted that we should support our soldiers and we said we did, with inescapable logic, because we wanted to bring them home now.

Unfortunately the organizers had chosen a funereal tone. There were the predictable coffins and die-ins. Mexicans can pull off the death festival with life affirming energy. With them it goes back to the Aztecs. But when Americans try to play at death--it’s just deadly and uninspiring. Especially when the usual tales of woe folk songs are sung in the manner of a dirge.

It was nice to see a growing number of protesters marching under open Jewish colors. The anti-Semites have been trying to blame the war on the Jews. This is the most grimly “Christian” presidency in recorded American history. Right-wing Jewish advisors and Sharon are designated to be the power behind the throne and that just goes to show how predictably dumb Jew hating can be.

Indeed to the Jewish contingent goes the best slogan of the march.

“The last time we followed a Bush, we wandered in the desert for forty years.”

If you don’t get it, read up on Passover.

posted by stew at 10:17 AM