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wSaturday, April 12, 2003

Price Of Freedom

Going to march against the war today.
Marched before it started,
during it’s blood
now in its almost over.

War of Civilizations became
war against civilization yesterday
in world famous Baghdad Museum of Antiquities
when thousands of years were looted
for the American flea market.

Rumsfield declared freedom has its price.

Marines and Iraqis are still killing each other.
Bush declared the war is not over
neither is the peace movement.
Demonstrating today against the next war
and the war after that,
can we outlast hell
which is forever
and what happens after that?

posted by stew at 10:33 AM

wFriday, April 11, 2003

It’s Going To Rain Today

The Iraqi freedom fighters are looting hospitals
and the Red Cross calls it a catastrophe.
Imagine, if Saddam’s gang did that deed,
Bush would make it the greatest crime
since Auschwitz.

A Baghdad shopkeeper tried to keep
a criminal crowd at a distance
with his shot gun.
The looters told some apple pie GI’s
that the merchant was a Saddam guerilla
They shot him dead.
The looters were liberated.

Civilian corpses rot in the streets.
I guess it’s time for FOX News
to tear down a statue.

posted by stew at 9:24 AM

wThursday, April 10, 2003

Oh Freedom

Iraqi looters
could not tear down
Saddam’s statue.
So many years of subservience
had degraded their biceps.
American technology did the task
and the Iraqis were liberated
and stealing sofas and CD’s.
Tom Jefferson’s dream
on sale in the market of thieves.

Saddam’s gunmen are going home
but their shadow remains.
Will they resist the Bechtel-Christian occupation
or cut deals with the oily empire?
The purest still fighting on and dying,
corruption’s remains will be sold to the highest bidder.
The Republican Party placing bids on the Republican Guard.

Thirsty Count Rumsfield
is looking at
the necks of Iran and Syria.
More Dubya war
means reelection.

War, oil, disease and death,
good growing weather
for the House of Bush.

posted by stew at 8:42 AM

wWednesday, April 09, 2003

Holy Land

Freedom begins in Iraq
with the liberty to loot
or sell water to the parched.
The Americans have arrived.

Dubya. when he was campaigning
for a more humble foreign policy
didn’t mention the Rumsfield plan
to turn us into
a Middle Eastern nation
of secret trials
round ups
fixed elections
and a border with Syria and Iran.

America, with only a right foot in the western world
is looking like Israel
occupying Lebanon.
An Israel grown gargantuan
facing off against a massive Moslem universe
of hatred.
Blessed and lucky
are the humble in spirit,
they don’t live here.

posted by stew at 9:15 AM

wTuesday, April 08, 2003

Blowing In The Wind?

Fourth World War
is beginning in the streets and alleyways
of ancient Baghdad,
a beaten army does not surrender
but taking shelter under Cafe Casbah collusion
it launches passionate counterattacks
against the armies of old McDonald’s
Freedom Fries to go.

For how many centuries will embedded journalists
lie to us
about secret enemy weapons of mass monstrosity
and talk of blistering battles
where American teenagers
walk unharmed in noble radiance
among the million stinking corpses of Arabia?

In how many cities, across how many deserts
for just how long
will the barbaric war of so-called civilizations
be played out in
the theater of human sacrifice and jealous Gods?

posted by stew at 9:41 AM

wMonday, April 07, 2003


Iraqi children
dead and wounded and terrified
paying painfull prices
for Bush Gang’s military chutzpah.
Dubya spreading Reagan's Revolution at gun point.
Iraqi oil will be denationalized and sold on the cheap.
Heil Hummer!

If surviving Iraqi kids behave themselves
we will give them chocolate
and maybe even let them drive our jeep.

Teenage American soldiers
looting a dictator's palace,
cheered on in the embedded mind and headlines,
doing what was always forbidden,
killing people who piss you off
and stealing their pretty trinkets.
Our kids will also pay a price for this war
when after the home coming parade
feeling unemployed and unappreciated
they play at Baghdad in the suburbs.

posted by stew at 9:44 AM

wSunday, April 06, 2003

Taking Lunch

Killing thousands, while being impervious to injury,
the Americans say
they are entering Baghdad at will
but not staying.
Maybe they don’t like the accommodations?

A Brit journalist reports
unreal normality in the city.
Guerilla fighters return from the front
taking lunch in the cafes
boasting of victory
and returning to battle.
The buses and trains still run on time
while Iranian soap operas play on the tube.

The city is a placid ordinary world
that may die tomorrow.

posted by stew at 11:49 AM