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wSaturday, April 05, 2003

Break A Leg

War can be theater,
by violent means
moods and motivations are manipulated.

Saddam decides to take stroll round Baghdad,
go to the old neighborhood,
press the flesh,
smile and wave
at the cameras.
Grabs big Baghdad ratings
at least where the electricity still flows.

Responding, the US sends a convoy
of tanks into the heart
of the city
taking no territory
it turns about and departs.
It’s a front pager in Cedar Rapids

Gestures replacing missiles and snipers.
Like it’s a Yippie contest,
a pose down for power
staged in a grave yard.

Humming the Anthem

Hummer owners swelling up with patriotic pride
seeing military brother hummers at war,
liberating Iraq
feeling in charge of the road now
get out of freedom’s way
you Volkswagen Buggers.

Yes, blood for oil
we are thirsty.

Just For Laughs

Satire has signed up
for the duration.

Late night comics make jokes about Saddam
speaking at his own funeral
and France
breaking a leg jumping on
the American victory wagon,
But not about
war and empire and racism
and dead civilians
and psychopathic Christians
ruling the world.

Leno and Letterman
crack embedded jokes
Dennis Miller is doing Nazi standup.

Jon Stewart & The Daily Show
standing alone, in this cowardly crowd,
covertly brilliant, not fully free
not wearing a uniform either.

posted by stew at 10:12 AM

wFriday, April 04, 2003

Just Another Name

Fighting massive battles outside Baghdad
conquering an airport
not suffering a single casualty
in whose fevered computer
did this conflagration take place?

The “elite Republican Guard”
didn’t scratch our arm
but a pregnant Iraqi woman in a car
with a bomb
just blew away three Americans.
Is this a war or an absurd play?

Last night, Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder
impaled a Bush mask on a microphone,
dozens of Denver fans walked out,
lots of booing.
He’s on the wrong side of a video game.
Tell Rush L. to start burning Eddie’s records.

Oh, freedom’s just another name
for an American tour to lose.

Headlines hail a glorious triumph
Americans surround Baghdad,
Rumsfield of Arabia
rules the desert,
but few Iraqis.

The biggest Baghdaddy of all battles
is about to begin.
And so is a moment
called truth.

posted by stew at 9:22 AM

wThursday, April 03, 2003

The News Today, Oh Boy

American headlines blare
great victories
over a “degraded” Republican Guard.
We assault them near Baghdad
and they disappear.
Our brave soldiers can now see
the ancient city’s skyline.

Lost some where in the article
is the grudging admission
that maybe “a few” Iraqis pulled back
to Baghdad to strengthen its defenses.
Somewhere in the gray print
you find an American helicopter and a fighter plane
biting the desert dust under Iraqi assault.

What is true
when the last man standing is a liar?

Al Jazeera has closed its shop
on Baghdad’s main street
because of Iraqi bullies.
Arnett is fired by NBC
Right wing media thugs
war against anyone with a conscience.
Get with our program or get out!

Radiated sands of the Iraqi desert
storm into our living room,
we can’t see a thing,
blinded by official information.

What the hell is going on?

Civilians keep dying.
Hospitals are bombed.
Market places massacred.
The dead go uncounted.
The murderers unnamed.

Who is doing what?
Where are we headed?
We see it all
through a TV screen darkly
shadows of truth
and very illuminated lies
repeated so often
signifying nothing.
We get bored, lose interest and watch cable.
The killing continues.

posted by stew at 9:27 AM

wWednesday, April 02, 2003

Oh Freedom

A couple of High School teachers
were just suspended for not censoring art.

In New Mexico
students were assigned the task
of painting commentary on the war.
Pro-war, antiwar, competed freely
in the market place of aesthetics,
till the teachers were told
to take down all antiwar art.

They didn’t want to be bounced
but how could they tell a kid
from Afghanistan,
whose house was crushed, by American bombs,
that his painting was banned
because it was against bombing houses.

The war for Iraqi Liberation grinds on.
There are teachers to suspend.
Journalists to fire
Dixie Chicks to spank
Immigrants to terrify
Prisoners to torture.

The price of freedom is high
like gas prices,
it keeps going up.

posted by stew at 9:15 AM

wTuesday, April 01, 2003

Total War

Viruses are permanently at war
with technology,
they take hits and major casualties
and mourn their millions dead
and plot revenge.

The soldiers of disease
grow tough from combat
they devise new tactics
and find willing
revenging recruits.

Technology grows
over confident
over reaching
assuming victory is forever,
that their opponents are stupid
and unlearning

It happens one night
in a distant land,
someone dies
no one know why
or what to do.
It happens one night in Hong Kong
and again in Toronto
lots of people just die
and the unbeatable god like weapons
of master science
rust in the waiting rooms
of guerilla war and death.

posted by stew at 9:03 AM

wMonday, March 31, 2003

We Deliver

NBC fired Peter Arnett
who got out of the Bush embed
to say that it was rape.
He told the unvarnished truth
about the most stupid war plan
since Hitler invaded Russia.
If Peter is lucky
his next job will be in Ninevah or Moose Jaw.

Arnett forgot that journalism is a military resource.
Facts are needed.
Facts are created.

The US promised that Iraqis would support us.
Instead they hate and kill us.
Like Bush phoning in for a pizza,
the media delivers
Iraqis who smile and help us.

The US promised a lightening assault
on Baghdad.
It got stuck in the mud with low fuel and food.
Like Cheney ordering Chinese,
a continuing advance is invented.
The headlines blare a road to glory
with only the small print
modestly describing mere inches of pain and gain.

In the mean time the US
has yet to conquer a city
or explain how it plans to rule in Baghdad
or why the guerilla war will ever go away.

Arnett described reality.
He didn’t invent it.
He’ll never work in this war again.

posted by stew at 9:46 AM

wSunday, March 30, 2003


She came into the parking lot elevator declaring
that the Iraqis are coming.
After she left
the rest of us agreed
that Portland wasn’t a very likely target.

In the street Judy and I were accosted
by a well dressed drunk
who told us
that he was proud of our boys over there.
We said bring them home.
He said, No!
We said, another wino for war.

At the Hilton
the usual anti-choice pickets
with their finally boring fetus
National Planned Parenthood is meeting within.
Spying the fetus
I ask the kid
whose doing the carrying,
Is that Saddam?
He says “I wish.”
Pro-choice! I reply.

In the hotel, we say hello to Jane Fonda.
Last grasped her hand in another era.
She’s getting an award
for supporting women’s rights.
We chat superficially
but friendly.
Upon leaving I extend my hand
which she grasps in the old power shake,
our now remembered Masonic magic grip
of private message.
We’re still together.

Worlds collapsing
with decent mythology in retreat,

Friendship remains
and sustains.

posted by stew at 9:46 AM