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wSaturday, February 22, 2003

...to the people, right-on!

Once again there are two Super Powers.
In this corner
the Bush Junta
with weapons
and wealth
beyond measure

And the Bushies believe
they sit alone
and sovereign
majestic horror.

Till February 18
they were right.
On that day
a new power
was born
the planet's street.
The Super Power of the People.

Bush proclaims his rival
a focus group
a fad.
But the street won't go away.
If he goes to war
he will have
to beat the street
well as Arabs.

History abhors a vacuum.
The absence
of opposition
isn't being filled
by bureaucracy
It's mass
is now anger.
It's propensity,

posted by stew at 11:03 AM

wFriday, February 21, 2003

Holy War

US troops are going to fight in the Philippines
against Islamic guerillas.
It's a rerun
of very cold war
only we substitute Moslems

When the Soviet Union
faded to black
we were supposed to get
much lower military budgets
reduced intelligence activity
and a peaceful
very brave new world.
Everyone knew
that Communism was responsible
for all bad things.

But America misses having an arch enemy
of limitless villainy
pulling us closer together
not thinking
what corporations
are ripping us to shreds.
And the economy
still needs to be primed
universe destroying weapons
of god like evil.

The right wing Christians
The right wing Jews
and the Neo-Con
professors of doom
proclaimed a war of civilizations.
the Moslems,
who have politicized Allah
and want Jihad's joy.
Them or us.
We rule the world
they conquer us with camels.

Bin Laden
must have been watching
their melodrama
when he flew airplanes
into the Twin Towers
of American power.
Islam declaring war.
Christians and Jews
joyously jumping at the challenge
a lowest IQ president
who once traded Sammy Sosa
finding his historic role,
a Christian conquering Baghdad
saving the West
for Jesus
and the second-coming
of imperialism.

posted by stew at 10:09 AM

wThursday, February 20, 2003

Love Angry

Back in the late Sixties
I started hearing
Baez, Ochs and Dylan
on mainstreaming radio.
Not just them
lots of guys with guitars
shouting about
Kent State
Helped build a love angry culture
saying no
to burning Asian villages.

Now everybody is real worried
about Iraqi war
but you don't hear
the Baghdad Battle Blues
on your local radio station
keep turning the dial
you wont find it
you'll only get dizzy.

Congress passed laws
mega magnum massive corporations
to buy up your radio stations
and now they all play the same tune
and it's not,
"I ain't marching anymore -- you masters of war."

24 listening hours
of nonstop conformity.
Bland bedtime
letting the ruling class
rule the world.

posted by stew at 8:37 AM

wWednesday, February 19, 2003

Ancient Accusation

No one is perfect.
The antiwar movement
is made of millions
and some few of them are shmucks.
There is a tendency
in some quarters
to blame Bush
on the Jews.

Kind of funny
making that claim,
because the old Jews of Florida
all went into the voting booth
intending to stand with Gore
and were informed, later
they actually voted for Pat Buchanan!
Bush walked in the White House
on Jewish backs.

But the accusers
the neo-Conservative
and White House pro's
who urge Bush to war
are all Jewish
and agents of Israel.
"They have dual loyalty" is the ancient accusation.

Like Bush needed anyone urging him drop bombs.
Does a Bush execute bears in the woods?
If no Jews lived in America
Dubya would still be parched thirsty
for Iraqi oil
and the
power of its possession.

And its true
the neo-Consrvaties
selling their violent product
to America and Israel
but don't be concerned about duel allegiance,
neo-cons have only one loyalty
to themselves.

posted by stew at 8:50 AM

wTuesday, February 18, 2003

Out Of Focus

George Bush responding to a million marchers
for peace.
"Size of protest,
it's like deciding,
'Well, I'm going to decide policy based upon a focus group.' "

A focus group!
That's what Dubya
a world wide rebellion
against him.
Absolutely unprecedented.
Nothing like it
since the end of WW2.
The world rising up in opposition to a war
that hasn't even begun.

A focus group!
Like Bush thinks he's test marketing a new brand of dog food
and so far
Rover's response
was refusing to eat
No reason to give up the product,
change the labeling
put in some sweet smelling stuff
and find trained dogs
who know how
to obey
their master.

posted by stew at 9:35 AM

wMonday, February 17, 2003

For Laughs

Millions marching.
The whole world is demonstrating,
voting with their feet
against Bush war.
Will the bully yield?
Tell him
we wont go away.
If he makes war
so will we.
Inventing a peaceful war
festive chaos
The whole world
an old Saturday Night Live sketch
Bush will be
the butt of a billion jokes.
Back off Dubya,
you don't have the skin
for that
kind of burn.

The Defendant

Not all judges are monsters.
While American magistrates
ordering the execution
lunatics and children
peace marches,
Belgian court
it could try Ariel Sharon
war crimes in Lebanon
committed back
when he was commanding
an invasion.
An Israeli commission
found him indirectly responsible
for a massive massacre
of Palestinian refugees.
Sharon was severely punished.
He was banned
from Israeli political life
for a full five minutes.

The Israeli government
is furious
over the ruling.
They claim the massacre
was about fighting terrorism
and besides
Belgium is such a very small country.
The court said it couldn't
touch Sharon
as long as
he remained Prime Minister.
But afterwards he can be prosecuted.
An unemployed Sharon
would be wise
to stay put
in his own small country,
severely confined to
his own
small mind and soul.

posted by stew at 8:55 AM

wSunday, February 16, 2003

Against Their Own

Millions demonstrating against the war.
Eugene Oregon, Seattle, Oslo, Los Angeles, London, New York City, Paris
even Israel.
Nothing big scheduled for Portland.
But in the era of Bush,
demonstrations happen.
There were a bunch
of spontaneous outbursts
of civilization
taking place in downtown Portland.

On Broadway and Main
a young crowd,
kind of punkish
were disrupting traffic.
Playing games with the guzzlers.
Slowing them down, pounding on them
doing no real damage.
Harmless fun.
The cops
could have short circuited the games
by redirecting traffic.
But we live in the era of Bush
and those kids
might have been Iraqi spies.

the cops used chemical weapons
against their own people.
a burning fluid
the faces
and eyes
of eight protesters.
It was probably pepper gas.
In moments,
three of the kids,
two guys
and a very young woman
were lying on the sidewalk,
faces burning red,
and copious tears
from their eyes,
moments of hell,
a state of shock and disorientation.

The police provided no medical attention
for their victims.
But the gas guzzlers
were once again heading down Broadway
in an unmolested manner.
Take that Saddam!

posted by stew at 9:38 AM