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wSaturday, November 16, 2002

Update--On killing your neighbors

Yesterday's poem
was inaccurate
in some ways.

The Israeli's attacked
were coming from not going to
a Sabbath service.

Those killed were not civilians
but soldiers and guards.

The Palestinians
fired on civilians
to bring out Israeli soldiers
ambush them.

Very clever.

Israeli troops reoccupy Hebron,
two Palestinians have been killed
and more will die
by Jewish hands
when Sabbath ends.

Very clever?

posted by stew at 9:24 AM

wFriday, November 15, 2002

Loves God and Kills their Neighbor

Lots of blood today,
slaughter of Jews
(a dozen or more)
in the Hebron
Holy Land,
they were on their way
to Sabbath service,
never arrived
blazing Islamic guns
of mad vengeance
ended their journey.

I'll be going on
a Sunday peace march,
"No war, no sanctions!"
I'll arrive
I'll march
I'll probably be bored
by the speakers
who will not mention
the slaughtered Jews
or mourn them.

In the current peace movement
compassion for Jews
is way out of season.

(stew albert)

posted by stew at 2:13 PM

wThursday, November 14, 2002

Targeting who?

The Papers write about political violence,
it seems like the most frightening time
in human history.
Terrorists and counter-terrorists
and it's real blood being shed,
especially in the Holy Land
where everyone loves God
and kills their neighbor.

But its nothing like the 60's.
Remember all those armies of
National Liberation
all those armies of
the night?
They're gone!
And there was no liberation.

Political violence has vastly decreased.
And that's weird
there is much more
the ecosystem is going to hell.

But nowadays with Socialism
trashed and forgotten,
massive numbers
of angry young men
still pick up the gun
all over the painful planet
they are taking aim,
pulling triggers,
but they are killing each other.

And repressive regimes
wage endless war
on this crime
with death squads
of secret cemeteries
and Rudy Giuliani.

But something is brewing in the wilderness.
The prophets boldly declare:
one day
the enraged young
with all those guns in their hands
will pause
and change their targets.

(Stew Albert)

posted by stew at 10:14 AM

wWednesday, November 13, 2002

Two monarchies are sinking in scandal -- the Papacy and the Queen of England. Ironic how these two old enemies are going down together. And how that upstart break-away America, has a riding high Emperor of the world, whose power is bloating like Dracula at a blood bank.

Now, after the election/coronation, George 2 is getting his
Homeland Security Ministry of Conformity.
We once stayed a bit free in America
because police power was somewhat diffused into
contending agencies
but now we will have
the Ur Robo Super cop ruling over a centralized bureaucracy
and also an army of neighborly informants and tipsters
and a terrifying technology
of keeping an eye on you.

Soon George 2 will get his tax cut for the rich made permanent
and his no social programs for the poor made inevitable.

And the American people?
They seem to think George 2
is their genial protector from terror.
They are too scared
to think and notice
that Arabs
aren't picking their pockets, stealing their jobs
or eating their freedom.

posted by stew at 11:46 AM

wTuesday, November 12, 2002

I always forget what they call that illness old people get. I'm going to be 63. Oh yeah, it's Alzheimer's. They should have a simple name so people can remember why they can't remember.

There was a big article about this illness in the NY Times. They interviewed a lot of people who were very scared about getting it. They had friends and family who have it and have lost their souls to Alzheimer's chaotic oblivion. There is no protection or cure.

Funny thing though, the article didn't mention that way fewer old people get it in the third world than in the developed world -- and way fewer get it in Europe than in the US. Alzheimer's seems to be one more curse of America's cruel way of living.

Back in the 30's the issue was posed this way "Socialism or Barbarism." In the 21st Century we know how it all came out.

(Stew Albert)

posted by stew at 2:40 PM

wMonday, November 11, 2002

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The pundits proclaim
the Democrats didn't
have much to say
but even if they did,
who would hear them?
It seems like the neo-cons
control and redefine
all words, concepts and syntax
and when lefty talk
does come the people's way,
it is first restructured
and then rerouted
the Tower of broken Babel.
Foxy News Network.

posted by stew at 2:38 PM

wSunday, November 10, 2002

I'm back from Berkeley. Are you depressed about the elections and the Bush Junta coronation? I've got a nice story to tell. It might cheer you up.

The Albert's had a reunion brunch at the West Side Bakery and Cafe in Berkeley. Eighteen people, all old time 60's types, were in attendance. I gave a little speech. And everyone present had a few words to say. We had lots of laughs and ate a good deal of food. When it came time to paying the bill, the waiter told us that some guy at the next table had paid our bill! And that he had left the restaurant.

We are talking about a bill that might have gone as high as three hundred bucks! Our benefactor explained to the owner of the restaurant that "these people had opposed the draft, ended the draft, and probably saved my life, I'm just trying to pay them back."

My god were we stunned. It felt like a small miracle of great solidarity. And it helped all of us great through a very tough week.

posted by stew at 10:20 AM