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wFriday, November 01, 2002

Off to Berkeley/SF tomorrow,
how many dreams, shadows and rebel ghosts
wait for me
along with
ancient friends
forgotten restaurants?

posted by stew at 2:07 PM

wThursday, October 31, 2002

Israeli government has collapsed!
Labor quit the coalition.
About time.
Israel is starving hungry
for real tasty democracy,
a fighting opposition
to thug Sharon,
dumb brute Sharon,
whose party
wants a new law
that promises hard jail time
to law abiding Israelis
who provide honest info
on Israeli war criminality
to international tribunals
it was Jews who first championed such courts
after Hitlerian Hell.
Gotta a question:
Is Sharon really Jewish?

posted by stew at 12:08 PM

wWednesday, October 30, 2002

Antiwar movement before the war,
100,000 in Washington
and plenty in SF
and everywhere-else
and this time it's without a draft
this time the killing will be voluntary,
the dying too,
and so many are so angry about blasting Baghdad
and have such different desires
than George Bush.
Have we finally found
an objective measure
of human progress?
From henceforth,
a society is considered
to be demonstrably improving
its moral character
by the growing number of its citizens
that hate George Bush
disown George Bush,
who just open their windows
and scream

At a concert in Denver
Bob Dylan
a song to Paul Wellstone
"The Times They Are A Changing."
Maybe they are.

posted by stew at 11:27 AM

wTuesday, October 29, 2002

wants to kill
the sniper and his kid.
The States
are all very hungry
for revenge
but Bush has stolen
their murder meat
for himself
seems like he's starving
and anyway
effete State laws
might save
the kid's
Texas rules.

posted by stew at 11:22 AM

wMonday, October 28, 2002

Years ago,
Iraq used poison gas
its own people
and Bush is now
so angry
that he wants
to invade them
and kill them.
used poison gas
its own people
and Bush is now
so bored
he won't even
a note
of protest.
Bush once said
Putin has
a beautiful soul.

posted by stew at 4:24 PM

wSunday, October 27, 2002

Bad Moon Rising

Paul Wellstone's plane went down on Oct 25. His wife, pilot, daughter and campaign aides perished with him. Nobody knows why it went down, but I'm betting Ashcroft put on a curse on the plane. Wellstone is the second individual on Ashcroft's enemies list to perish in a private plane crash. The first was his opponent in the Senatorial election, who went on to run as a corpse and beat him.

Wellstone in the Senate was an impossible dream. Imagine a left-wing Jewish college professor with an amateur wrestling background getting elected to the US Senate, forget about it, it's not going to happen, but it did. He won two terms in office and was on his way to a third. This despite the White House handpicking his opponent and shadowy right wing foundations spending millions on a slander Wellstone campaign. Appropriately, Paul Wellstone's last vote was against war with Iraq.

Wellstone's death forces me to think how dangerous it is to become an influential liberal in America. There doesn't seem to be much longevity in it. Remember JFK and RFK and Martin Luther King? Who all fell by assassination. And labor leader Walter Reuther who went down in a plane crash? And Allard Lowenstein who was murdered? The death of these very powerful liberals helped change the political face of America. With these people gone, it was a lot easier for the right-wing to take power. Wellstone's passing makes it that much easier for the Bush gang. And of course big shot conservatives all seem to die rich, old and in their beds surrounded by greedy relatives.

On Oct 26 people all over the world demonstrated against the Bush war with Iraq. And many thousands were in the streets of St. Paul. Minnesota, Wellstone's hometown. The extremely large crowd was a passionate tribute to Paul Wellstone and his fighting dream.

posted by stew at 10:53 AM