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wSaturday, August 09, 2003

Real News

No justice in the natural order
just luck sometimes
that runs out
when you’re crossing Wilshire Blvd
in a strange mood.
the speeding driver
didn't know
you were once famous,
no more songs
where did the laughter go?

Trying to kid ourselves
the cosmic machine was built
for some good purpose
with a programed happy ending
like when Chaplin’s tramp
gets to live in the mansion
with the innocent rich girl.
But the cosmos is only a dumb hulk
driven by caprice.

Clinging together
we play house and love,
build behavior, family, friendships
with kind motive
dream of soulful societies
with generous possibility.
We play games
pretend it’s progress
know all along,
one day
a telegram will arrive.

“This building is condemned!”

posted by stew at 10:12 AM

wFriday, August 08, 2003


Eye witnesses said
a soldier got his legs blown off
official reports didn't say anything.
A day after a general boasted
he had the resistance on the run
bombs and bullets bursting in Baghdad
and lots of civilians and soldiers
are dead and deformed.

Thirst for oil and power
Responding desire not to be humiliated
inevitably human.
Bring 'em on Bush
needs war for his
theater of cruelty
and reelection.

Can't be a light at the end.
Only endless tunnel.

posted by stew at 10:39 AM

wThursday, August 07, 2003

Games Theory

Scratching and sniffing
around Iraq
the massive media hunt
isn't for WMD
they must exist
under a cloak of invisibility
on another planet.
Or maybe
that's an embarrassing search
because they don't exist at all.

Front page news now
about looking high and low
for Saddam
real reason for the invasion
wasn't oil or weapons
it was
playing hide and seek
with a tyrant.

posted by stew at 9:16 AM

wWednesday, August 06, 2003

Napalm and Pneumonia

American flag
rising over gruesome graveyard
bombs burning flesh
Iraqis catching fire
like Viet Cong
morning’s smell of victory
on Dubya’s short march
to hell and Baghdad
and receiving a villains welcome.

Why are liberators lungs clogging up
with liquid and death?
choking, drowning in their own body bag.

Hundreds of mysterious cases
in the newly created
Rich People’s Republics
of oil and Islam.

Dubya’s in great health
his doctors say.
His parts won’t rust.
Wires won’t burn.
Life time guarantee.
Never suffering disease himself
but a bountiful pandemic
of plague.

Bush is catching.

posted by stew at 8:10 AM

wTuesday, August 05, 2003

Extreme Politics

In the Year Of Our Bush
words and facts
are tinker toy

Joe Lieberman
that Howard Dean
is an extreme leftist.

The former governor
of Vermont
opposing Dubya’s
excellent adventure in Iraq
his charity to the rich
tax cut.
Makes him a way out lefty.

When I hear about maximum radicals
I think
Dictatorship of the Proletariat
Smashing the State
or at least
getting stoned all the time.

Who are the extreme rightists?
Not the Compassionate Conservatives.
Not the Neo-Conservatives
Not the Christian Conservatives.
What’s sounds extreme
about conservation?

Klansmen and Nazis are right wing extremists.
Howard Dean’s opposite wears
a sheet and a twisted cross
we all know opposites attract
come together.

Joe Lieberman thinks Howard Dean is a Nazi.
What would he think of me?

posted by stew at 8:24 AM

wMonday, August 04, 2003

An American In Paris

Colin Powell
is heading out the door
even if Bush
a two term dictator.

Says it’s his wife
who wants him
home at the hearth.
She’s always a handy excuse.
Colin didn’t run for President because
Herself was afraid
of hit men.

Remember when Bush was hustling votes?
He kept saying that any little problem
that might arise
in his humble foreign policy
would always be fixed by
General Powell.

Ravenous Neo-Cons
biding their time.

When Destry rides again
look for bared teeth and bloody fangs.
No need for a sweet sales pitch.
Junkies beg for product.

The Wolfowitz
stalking Paris
at midnight.

posted by stew at 9:23 AM

wSunday, August 03, 2003


Can’t keep track of standards
falling beneath the horizon

running only reruns
You can’t hear the words.
Who cares?
George Bush sits
FDR’s desk
fiddling with fires.
Wondering why
he's afraid of horses.

Even bedrock Japan
is crashing to the couch
First time in 2,000 years
all Sumo champions are foreigners.

The Japanese soul running out of passion
plays with computers and cameras
can’t grapple
shove toss
satori slam
like ancient Jacob
conquering himself
with toeholds
during an endless night
in the desert.

Is something getting better
Never heard entropy
was catching.

posted by stew at 2:24 PM