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wSaturday, June 07, 2003

Cleansing Brooklyn

Arabs always lived in Brooklyn
around Atlantic Avenue
then Brighton Beach and Midwood
with lots of good restaurants
and tolerance.

Brooklyn Muslims are under Ashcroft assault
ethnic cleansing
once 120.000
over half are gone
sent to jail
fleeing to Canada
trying to be less conspicuous
someplace else.

to gather in living rooms
and watch a TV cricket match
some landlord might get suspicious
and tip Homeland Security
“deese guys ain’t no Baseball fans.”

posted by stew at 11:37 AM

wFriday, June 06, 2003

Great Set

Ari Fleisher was marketing Iraq
trying for a big score
and talking like a guy
who inherited some strange property
from a questionable uncle.

“Making Iraq a wonderful tourist center
around the world given its glorious history.”

Sorry Ari
but desert tourists
like electricity and air conditioning
they don’t much like Cholera
they want doctors around
they want to go out at night
and Iraq’s glorious history
has many times over
been looted and burned.

Vacation in Iraq only
if you want to buy
an AK 47, an ancient pot or nuclear material
quickly grab a cab for Jordan.

better to pitch Iraq to Hollywood moguls
it gives fantastic set
for Post-Appocylyptic nightmare flicks
with millions of unemployed extras
just take your cameras into the street
no repetition necessary
these guys will get it right
on the first shot.

posted by stew at 7:37 AM

wThursday, June 05, 2003

Pat and Billy

Billy the Kid’s back in the news
great myth and legend
original outlaw punk bandito
shot down by the law in his 21st year.
New Mexican police will use DNA
to prove that Sheriff Pat Garrett
really brought the Kid down
and didn’t just bump off an innocent man.

Dueling mythologies.
Billy the Kid
prince of rebellious kids
boasting about 21 notches
on his young gun
a celebrity in his own time
before Abbie/Yippie telethons
the hero of Wild West penny dreadfuls
written and sold in the streets of Brooklyn
and where ever bold bold mythos
was craved.

A 100 years later
even rolling Bob Dylan
wrote a long song
about the Kid’s last ride.

Sheriff Pat
is a hero to lawmen
least ways in New Mexico.
If Billy was so tough
their guy took him out.
New Mexican sheriffs wear a patch
bearing Garrett’s likeness.

Cops never make myth
on their own enrgy
they’re just bureaucrats with guns
that crave legendary outlaws
to hunt and kill
drinking their fame.

But truth
always tortures myth.

It seems like
a lot of surviving guys claimed
they were the real Kid.
Who did Garrett really kill?
If DNA debunks him
New Mexican Sheriff's uniforms
gonna be minus
a Pat patch.

Science isn’t kind to the Kid either.
Seems like he and Garrett
were just some hired guns
in the Lincoln County War
of capitalist rivalry.
No real outlaws
No real law
just wealthy ranchers, businessmen and private militias
who killed the competition
in a small part
of poor conquered

Worse yet
when I was 11
I took a libary book
about hero Billy
and read that he once rustled a rancher
shot him down dead
for no reason
and said it was OK
cause he was only a Jew.

I learned
that dreams and myths
are just great
if they remain in your mind
exempted from
taking tests.

Those New Mexican sheriffs
making a big mistake
messin’ round with the DNA
mad scientists
better stick with
the movies
the poems
the songs,
the penny dreadfuls.

posted by stew at 9:51 AM

wWednesday, June 04, 2003

Election Strategy

Meowing liberals
making an issue
of Bush
lying us into war,
but surrender moral high ground
to demons of destruction.

Prefacing probing priorities
with preambles proclaiming
even though
Saddam’s very bad weapons
are no where to be found
come hell or high water
Iraqis are so and much better off
that their nation is liberated
everyone rejoices in America’s victory.

Liberal opposition
to prevarication
formal, technical abstract
Dubya should have told
nothing but the whole truth
then bombed Baghdad
for its own good.

Democrats surrender before they begin.

We’re just being picky
don’t mind being beautiful losers.

The Smart Set

Dubya’s real proud
having all the smart Jewish guys
working for him
calling themselves

He’s known Jews were smart
back in Andover and Yale
when he copied their homework.

Used to be thinking
all Jews were going to hell
till Billy Graham put him straight.
Maybe not all of them.

They’re on the payroll
the good ones that is,
no Marxists or atheists
these guys follow someone named Leo.
Not that liberal on West Wing.

The NeoCons
figured out
Dubya could conquer the world
build an Empire
be loved in Iraq
and defend democracy.

He could spit out his rage
kick lots of ass
win a peace prize.

Talking to themselves
the philosophers call it
bein’ dialectical
something sounding like that.

Dubya’s getting himself interested in philosophy
he’d like to have some smart Jews over to the ranch
and understand them
while talking Grecian ideas.

Gonna spend time
maybe after the election
being serious
learning lots of stuff
figuring out
Playdough’s Cave.

posted by stew at 10:04 AM

wMonday, June 02, 2003

The American Century

America was spared worst case scenarios
in the last century.
European Jews had a holocaust
and in smaller ways
so did most everyone
except Americans.

Surviving McCarthy
Cold War
and its own imperial ambition.
America grew strong and wealthy
visited killing fields always in foreign lands.

21st Century beginning on 9/11
killing fields in the Big Apple.

Bin Laden and Bush
worst case scenarios

death and despair
to foreign lands
for kicks, power and profit

Baghdad up for sale and theft
Tehran under the gun
Heroin peddlers liberating Afghanistan.

The 21st Century insisting
on reciprocity
plenty of death to go around.

The holocaust
glares at Lady Liberty
preparing for a new life
its papers are in order.

posted by stew at 9:31 AM

wSunday, June 01, 2003

Crumbs and The Empire

Sitting in a rabbi’s house,
in the presence of Arabs and Jews
I encountered an emissary of the Empire

He had met with Bush several times
discussed Israel and Palestine,
we would be pleasantly surprised
at Dubya’s point of view.
The President’s for a Palestinian State
he told me so
we should give him credit
Rove says he shouldn’t take a stand
Elliot Abrams says he should
and biggest shock of all
Bush is above average intelligence.

The emissary is an American Peace Now activist
I was chilled by his presence
it was all a matter of plus and minus
because even if the Bush Empire is a tragedy
seeking powerless provinces of surrender
and sweet investment deals for the Bush boys
it is all that exists
it is reality
if it looks with favor on a settlement
for whatever evil reason
we must give praise to this hope
raised in our hearts
that small improvements will soon take place
that Palestinians
may once again be cheap labor
in golden Jerusalem.

I know people who went to school with Dubya
Andover and Yale
in their version
he is sometimes a bully
sometimes a party guy
always a know nothing C student.
Nothing frightening
and I can feel
distant and superior.

When someone says
I met with Emperor George
he is source of hope
and that guy is a liberal
of long-standing family links
I turn to ice and agony
because the Empire is real
and I’m being told there is only one dimension
and its name is Bush.

I’m advised to forget about sparks of light.

Learn to live in a world of crumbs.

posted by stew at 10:48 AM