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wSaturday, May 24, 2003

Routine Observation

Routinizing evil
reduces its pain
to boredom.
Getting used to Bush
destroying people and places.

Numb instead of moral
the newspaper
becoming again
those ads
for fantastic underwear.

posted by stew at 10:04 AM

wFriday, May 23, 2003

Jugs Of Clay

With all the museums looted
where can a frustrated vandal look
for product?

Having developed a new found interest
in antiquities
the forward thinking thief
goes to the source.

Go with guns
to archeological sites my son
and find great riches
in 4000 year old jugs of clay.

Americans talk of major crack downs
restoring order
finally providing
the great new life Rummy promised
for Baghdad.
He seems to be tiring
of all this democratic exuberance
mob rule.

But the guards at the sites still join
the looters
and share the wealth.

Looking back on our own
limited antiquity
of only hundreds of years,
its hard to find
an innocent people
who have suffered more at our hands.
than Iraqis.
Indigenous Americans come to mind.
but we didn’t say Custer
was waging a War of Native Liberation.

Those were the days before
Karl Rove.

posted by stew at 8:37 AM

wThursday, May 22, 2003

Death For Sale

What can you say
when an American company
knowingly sells death
to the wretched of the earth?

Back in the 80’s
Bayer, a drug company
was producing medication for hemophiliacs
containing blood concentrated
for the benefit of bleeders.
And it also contained AIDS.

Blood wasn’t tested back then.
When found out
Bayer stopped selling
the killer
producing a safer substitute.
they paid settlements to those
who were infected
with death.
High profiling good corporate citizens
the boys from Bayer.

But they had lots
the deadly version around
and they kept manufacturing it
on reflex.
Bayer could just throw the killer crap away
absorb the loss
do the right thing.

This is still America.
Why bother?
They kept selling it
in Asia
in South America.
A hundred got AIDS in Hong Kong.
Nobody knows how many have died.
They just started counting.

The deadly version was cheaper to produce
Bayer could recoup the coin
handed over to its American victims
by scoring bigger
south of the border
wherever the vulnerable are
soft targets of hideous opportunities.

Bayer isn’t cruel and unusual
and alien
to our patriotic creed.
Lies, greed and death
it’s hidden marching motto.
Bayer is America.

Yesterday Bayer sold AIDS
for fun and profit.
Today Dubya
genetically altered food
to feed Africa.
Marketing monsters
and calling it corn.

Bush & Bayer & American Enterprise
one big company,
world wide conglomerate
with just one product.

A factory of packaged death.

posted by stew at 10:21 AM

wWednesday, May 21, 2003

Power To The Sisters

Buffy stopped slaying vampires last night.
She had quite a run
on a show that broke rules.

Her closest sidekick
being Willow
a Jewish lesbian witch
who didn’t let her tastes
go unsatisfied.

You never knew what you were going to see
one week the show was silent
everyone lost the gift of speech
and mime ruled.
And then it might be
an all singing
all dancing

And Buffy’s tastes in men
ran from vampires to vampires
with a soldier of misfortune
thrown in.

How would the series end
in an age
when the Empire is striking back
and violent greed is its oily energy
of choice?

It ended in happy benevolence.
a heroic vampire and a fun demon died
but original evil got its ass kicked
Buffy’s slaying power
her world winning potential
was given
to women of all ages.
A ton of light and hope is bequeathed
to our hapless existence.

Best of all
Buffy didn’t die.
In fact,
when last seen
she had a big smile on her face.
she hasn't’ smiled that way
in years.

Buffy doesn’t have to slay vampires anymore
it’s nothing special
your kid sister can do it.

posted by stew at 8:50 AM

wTuesday, May 20, 2003

Where Louie Dwells

Dubya’s graduating class
at Yale
is having its 35 anniversary
at the White House.

New Haven is not a secured city.
He might confront Americans.

If a C student
can’t journey to Yale
Yale will come to a C student
especially at the White House.

When will America realize
Bush really is that hapless
homework borrowing buffoon
they used to see
on Saturday Night Live.

How many Top Gun landings
on warships
turned to political props.
How many countries destroyed?

His mind is managed
because he doesn’t have one
a creature of pure instinct
he knows who will pay
for his next drink.

He is less than C as President.
Iraq perhaps
a thank you
to Al Queda
for the gift
of 9/11.
Saudi Arabia, Morocco and Palestine?
The Bin Ladens are amuck with joy.

And the dollar keeps falling
who would want to invest in
Bush anyway?

But boola boola
Yale will gather for Dubya.
There will be
the usual Gentlemen’s C jokes
the Wiffenpoofers will serenade.

Gentlemen Songsters
will most surely
go off on a spree
dooming us all
for eternity.

posted by stew at 9:04 AM

wMonday, May 19, 2003

Philistine Liberation Front

You don’t need to reinvent the wheel
It happened once
in UR
6,000 years ago.
Mathematically minded Sumerians
with a taste for legend
also wrote the first poems
what it’s all about.

They built pyramids with steps,
before the Egyptians dreamed of them
and Greece and Rome
were mere sparkles
in the eyes
of Papa Zeus.

UR was where Abraham was born
and learned to think about big stuff
like Islam and Judaism
and one god
who might ask him
to kill his son
but only as a joke.

UR is being vandalized
by its conquerers.

An archeological site
spray painted by our Marines.
Semper Fi rag head
we kicked your ass.
And ancient bricks are looted
for back home backyard barbecues..

A huge American military base
being built next door to UR
6,000 years of history is off limits to civilians.
The view from the top of the great Ziggurat
is blocked for the first time
since Abraham looked upon it
and it’s now a special place
for soldiers to piss on.

In a burst of Bushian
religious revival
and larger purpose
losing its soul
in the town where souls were born.

posted by stew at 8:36 AM

wSunday, May 18, 2003

I Know Nothing

How could Germans not know
millions of Jews were being murdered?
They said nobody told me about it.
And I shrug my shoulders saying
yeah and I’m the first Jewish President.

But how many American know
how many Iraqis
their government has killed
since the first Gulf War?

Not just from bombs of shock and awe
but from economic blockades
that poisoned the water.
The UN said a half million died from dirty water disease.
Iraqis were banned from buying filtration equipment

We’ve killed a million Iraqis
or more
and their country is now in full ruins.
Every week hundreds dying from bullet wounds.

How many Americans know about it?
Like the Germans
nobody has ever told them about it.
They think they’ve liberated a country
and are now just targets
of jealousy.

Nobody publicizing
cemetery statistics.
We doesn’t count the dead
when Presidential polls
are on Dubya’s side.

posted by stew at 9:46 AM