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wSaturday, May 17, 2003


Al Queda is back
bombing and being bad.

On 9/11
they set up the premise,
then retreated to the side lines.

Dubya conquered Afghanistan and Iraq
and placed an army of teenagers
in an ocean of angry Islam.
Allah answering Osama’s prayers.

Now the real war begins.
Al Queda with lots of new recruits
spawned by America’s conquering crusade.
Dubya abolishing plans
for even phony Iraqi self-government.

Iraq’s kind of like a baseball team.
he figures he can handle it.

More than half of us
cheer Bush no matter what.

No weapons of mass destruction in Saddam’s palace?
Ye Haw for Top Gun!

Al Queda coming back to our shores.
Dubya’s gonna kick some ass!

Strangled economy in the deepest ditch
of going no where
while rich people chasing the sun
on private planes
with gurus, trainers and bodyguards.

Maybe if millions of us fled to Oklahoma
and ate at Denny’s
someone would listen?

posted by stew at 11:42 AM

wFriday, May 16, 2003

Evil Doers Roundup Time

By the hundreds
the US is rounding up Iraqis.
The occupiers claim that these are lawless elements
looters and arsonists all.
How do they know?
All the files and records
have been stolen.
Maybe they are buying them back
and arresting the sellers?

The US
imposing its will
on gangsters
who have nothing left
to steal.
Posse Power

The fugitive Democratic Underground Organization
claimed victory in its anti-Junta efforts
when the witching day
Thursday came and went
and the quorumless
Texas legislature
could not vote
Dubya dictator.

Lieberman and the others
are demanding to know
why Homeland Security
monitored the Democrats
secret air force
freedom flying Dems
into People’s Oklahoma.

A little spark may start a prairie fire.
This is
the Dems first victory
since the Bush Putsch.

A little spark may be burn very bright
or it may
just go out.

posted by stew at 9:10 AM

wThursday, May 15, 2003

Shoot To Kill

Rummy stopped sending “our troops” home.
They’re going to stay in Iraq
and shoot looters
who will shoot back.
One dead looter in Mosul
they claim he fired first.

The looters are reduced to
carjackings and stickups.
Everything of value has been taken
or burned.
They took nuclear material.
Did Osama send some of them?

If any weapons of mass destruction ever existed.
They must be for sale
by a guy who says
“Hey Bud!”


The hunt for outlaws
goes on in the American Southwest
spreading into Billy The Kid New Mexico.
The Attorney General told the Texas Rangers
she wouldn’t bust fugitive Democrats.
Back in Dallas they are calling them terrorists
and getting a rope.

Being a Democrat
the AG declared she would put out an all points bulletin
on any politician
in favor of health care and taxing the rich.
Nice to see
dark humor isn’t only for poets.

posted by stew at 8:28 AM

wWednesday, May 14, 2003

A Story I Will Tell

Democrats fleeing the Texas Rangers
find sanctuary in Oklahoma and Denny’s
like old Black Panthers hiding in Cuba.

Tom DeLay put out the word
redistrict Texas and give more
of Congress to the good old Junta boys.

Even a coup d’etat requires a quorum
in the Texas State Legislature
and the Democrats refused to show up.
Fleeing Republican arrest warrants
they crossed the border
into the Oklahoma Hills and a motel.

We don’t need no stinkin’ badges
they told the Rangers when they showed up
in Oklahoma.
And the Texas lawmen admitted having no authority
in the land of
Woody Guthrie,
Dalton Brothers
Pretty Boy Floyd.

DeLay is now talking about sending in the FBI
and smoking out “the cowards”

Word spreads among all Democrats.
Maybe they should join their brothers in Oklahoma.
Do something meaningful.
Live off the land and rob banks like Joe Stalin
waging guerilla warfare
against anything Bush
and adding to their name,
every crime in Oklahoma.

Mean time Texas police have located
16 dead bodies in a trailer on Highway 77
No word yet, if they are Democrats.

posted by stew at 8:56 AM

wTuesday, May 13, 2003

Come Again?

Bin Laden’s a homeboy in Riyadah
and a bunch of his pals
from the neighborhood
shot their way into a compound for Westerners
and blew up everything in sight
including themselves.

Casualty statistics fluctuate
but the victim’s list includes
many dead and wounded Americans.

A new round in the Bush War of civilizations begins.
9/11 to now
the fundamentalists hold a positional advantage.
America is occupying a nation of hatred.
It inflicts chaos, disease and humiliation
and wears white hats during photo-ops.
Maybe this goes over
in Lone Star Lubbock
but in the streets of Beirut
it’s just nausea and rage.

Does Dubya intend to fight an Arab guerilla force
armed with Allah the All Ass Kicking?
A global force of better living through suicide?

It will probably get him reelected
what with Robo Cop counting the votes.

Absolute barbarism once came to our shore
to the city where I was once a homeboy.
I guess everyone in the Junta
figures that it did them a world of good.
A devout Christian government now believing
in second comings?

posted by stew at 12:46 PM

wMonday, May 12, 2003


How much pain can a poem take
and not burst in agony,
fragments burning brains
clean of all rationalization and hope?

Can it gaze at US tanks breaking down the walls
of Al Rashad state hospital in Baghdad
and looters, rapists and firebugs
following them through the hole in civilization?

Even Mad Max wouldn’t rape a schizophrenic.

Resistance was futile.
Rapid repairs were made
but a few weeks later
returning barbarians destroyed
all noble efforts and sparks of sane.

Patients fled the insanity of American liberation.
Going home to their beloved families
where in good time
they could kill their wives and children.
And there are no police to bring them back
and their meds are selling
in a thieves market, anyway.

The hospital administrators asked
again and again
for American protection.

Shi’ites came
but the hell with Allah
turned gangster
selling gasoline on hospital grounds.

The ruin is now guarded by remorse free Americans.

After the museum, the library, the art gallery
and ordinary hospitals and homes
were put to the torch of theft and fire
the poem figured it had survived the worst
of Rummy’s revolution
and could again think of flowers and whales
but instead learned about the peculiar way
Iraq’s insane citizens
were de-institutionalized.

Now wondering
if beauty will ever exist
without unbearable pangs
of guilt.

posted by stew at 10:21 AM

wSunday, May 11, 2003


The NY Times is shocked
that one of its cub reporters just made things up
like a senior correspondent on the Daily Show
he filed stories from Virginia
while cooling it in Manhattan.

The paper of record
is so freaked at this betrayer of trust
that they devoted four full Sunday pages to his deceit.

And how many pages will be given
to the lies, half truths and cover ups
of their embedded reporters
who cover Iraq
with Pentagon permission.

They have a license to lie.
It’s patriotic and responsible.
and besides
it’s the only way to get a story.
FOX will do it anyway.

It’s only freelance lying that must be punished.
No free press
without responsible falsehood.

posted by stew at 11:51 AM