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wSaturday, April 26, 2003

Without Ending

Remember the war in Afghanistan?
It is still being fought in the southern mountains
and the Taliban and Americans
continue to kill each other.
Fundamentalist heroin dealing war lords
rule most of the country
and those happy female faces
are again hiding behind veils of gloom.

Religious wars never end.
Dubya can proclaim victory in Iraq
but how many Shi’ites care what a Christian claims?

If America drinks the oil
and runs the show through puppets
Moslems will rule the night.
Daggers and destruction.

Don't go out George!
Remain under the sheets of your clannishness,
this war is going to outlast us all.

posted by stew at 10:13 AM

wFriday, April 25, 2003

Seig Howdy

not just mad Marxist-Lenninist scientists
using the name in fear and loathing.

Ordinary liberals and libertarians
looking over their shoulders
and nervously describing secret courts and prisons and torturous no Constitution terms of confinement.
Of a punishing bullying government
and propaganda media thugs scandalizing
even the mildest critics in Bush Town.

Of fixed and future elections
and billion dollar brain washing extravaganzas
once called political campaigns.

How the conquest of Iraq
signals an ultra right wing conquest
of America.
Powell shuffles or is purged.
along with
all those Gay gun control Dixie Chick pro abortion Republicans.

Every one always knew it could happen here.
Not by violence
but by money
and the manipulation of minds.

Emperor George has one last task
before he’ s untouchable.
Convince millions of Americans
that the economy tanked in the toilet
because liberals opposed
giving billionaires
every one’s spare change.

He sells that one
and the goose step
becomes compulsory morning exercise.

posted by stew at 10:11 AM

wThursday, April 24, 2003

Big Brother In Bed

Sodomy is illegal in Texas
Number 3 Republican monster
Senator Rick Santorum
wants to keep it that way.

Ricky figures that if it’s legal for consenting men
to have sex in their own home,
next thing you know
mothers will be screwing their daughters
and husbands having affairs with sheep.

Gays are saying this is like
when Trent Lott
was gazing backwards on old Dixie
and turned in to a pillar of salt.

Even the most demented Bushie
doesn’t publicly hate Blacks
or declare them spawns of Satan.

The Republican high command
is right behind Senator Ricky
backing him way up.

Those expecting an apology from Santorum
or his humiliating demotion
may grow bored and old
waiting at the gate of hatred.

posted by stew at 9:20 AM

wWednesday, April 23, 2003

The French Connection

The US didn’t know the Shi’ites would take over the Iraqi street.
That criminal gangs would burn down every government office building
and library and cultural center and zoo in a nation without water.

They didn’t know that Shi’ites cut their heads open and bleed for Allah
and hate American invaders
and won’t give up the oil without shedding lots of blood
and won’t kiss Dubya’s foot if he sets in down in Baghdad
and do crave a fundamentalist Islamic nation
of veils and hating foreigners.

Just the kind of cheery folk
Bin Laden’s boys wanted in power
when they hit the World Trade Center
murdering the future of hope.

We are going to blame it on France.

Cut them out of NATO and fancy Conferences.
They didn’t support our war.
They don’t bathe.
They are free thinkers and lovers.
They invented Cubism and Atheistic Existentialism.

When Bushies want to a insult a Democrat
or a moderate Republican,
they say he looks and acts like a Frenchman.
If he doesn’t like it here why doesn’t he go back to France?

During a second term Dubya White House.
that French bitch,
Statue of Libertine
is getting her ass stored
in an Indiana Jones warehouse along with the Ten Commandments
being replaced
by a giant Alamo replica
welcoming rich people to our shore.

posted by stew at 2:41 PM

wTuesday, April 22, 2003


Republicans have big expensive plans
giving legitimacy to Emperor George.

They are going to nominate him
right around September 11
in New York City.
Dubya will be bouncing
from the Convention
to Ground Zero
like a plastic piece of ping pong patriotism.

The official campaign is starting late,
the unofficial campaign is better,
no spending limits.
You could rebuild Baghdad
with what they’ll be spending on Dubya.
The Corporations will kick in with idealistic generosity
and be rewarded with billion buck contracts
cosmic tax cuts
and power positions
in the Junta from Hell.

Democratic opponents
are portrayed
as acting like
effete fashion models
who love lawyers
and who look French.
Their very candidacy is undermining troop morale.

A second term around the Constitution
by Dubya?
Disease spreads quickly when there is no antidote.
The Bush Empire lasting
for a thousand years
of greed?

posted by stew at 9:30 AM

wMonday, April 21, 2003


Who knows what evil lurks in the heart of Bush?
The shadow government knows.

Is it a good cop bad cop routine?

Powell, the liberal good cop.
Working with him, it’ll keep crazy Rumsfield
out of the room,
who wants five minutes alone with everybody.

What’s true and blue?

Weapons of Mass Destruction?
Secret Iraqis in Syria?
Secret courts in America?
Evangelists trading food for Jesus?
The American Government’s budget?
Bush’s I.Q.?
The next war?
The US Constitution?

The answers are hidden in shadows
guarded by armies of the night,
slightly heard in demonic whispers of Empire.

Searching abandoned souls for clues.
Dark Angels fighting despair.

posted by stew at 10:21 AM

wSunday, April 20, 2003

It’s Over?

A zoo was ripped off in Baghdad.
The cautious took all species of animal
but the Big Cats.
Saddam trying to look good
opened his prison doors
and the looters ran free.

Strange anarchistic conclusion
to an absolute dictatorship.

The marines protected the oily ministry of money
and otherwise looked the other way
Bush wanted Iraqis in the street.
If they didn’t want to honor him
they could steal this city big time
and Rumsfield would spin it
as a George Bush Free Store
and liberation festival.

The Mosques are taking charge
and telling Dubya to turn on the electricity
and get out of town.

As Hannibal the Cannibal proclaimed:
This is far from over!

posted by stew at 10:54 AM