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wSaturday, March 15, 2003

Let the Carp Speak

Bush is off
to the Azores
probably plotting war.
He and the Brit and the Spaniard
had to do it
on an island in the Atlantic,
any real country
would have run them out of town.

In old New York
the Jewish world
is talking
about a talking fish
who called on it
to repent.
A carp spoke in ancient Hebrew
to a Catholic and a Hasidic Jew,
he told them the end is near.
They killed him
mixed him
gefilte fish.
It has become a world wide story.
Many are calling it a miracle.
But some say it might only be
a Yippie Purim prank.
And some possessed of wisdom declare
that God
has now spoken
against the war.

I'll be marching today in Portland Oregon
without the fish
hopefully with a massive crowd
of peace comrades.
Speaking of miracles,
it has stopped raining
that might mean
higher sacred numbers
hitting the street.
Feeling solemn
this is probably the last
antiwar march
before the war.
From now on
we will be looking back
on innocent days.

posted by stew at 9:29 AM

wFriday, March 14, 2003

Xanax Xanadu

White House press corps
gossiping among themselves
downed out
at the big press conference.
Questions were submitted in advance
unfriendly reporters not recognized
the guy
still needed Xanax
to go the distance.

Deeply downed out Dubya
admitted the questions were scripted.
Friendly American editors
changed his words
(they'll be called at the next press conference)
this national embarrassment
to the United States
remains relatively unknown
in the United States.

Yesterday, the Bushies leaked
that maybe they would scrap the UN
just start killing Iraqis.
Bush is going to the Azores
for a "hasty summit"
with Spain and England,
to save their UN resolution.
Every day
is the first day
of George Bush's
foreign policy.
And now
like Nixon in his final agony
you have to wonder
which drug is he on

posted by stew at 9:00 AM

wThursday, March 13, 2003


We wait for the execution.
We wait for war.
The date was set
for last night,
some black guy in Texas
sentenced by all white jury
the Supreme Court granted a stay.
War was supposed to start tomorrow
but Britain begs for delay
Bush grants a stay.

Would have been the 300th execution
in Dubya's domain
since they called it constitutional,
a clean satisfying lucky number,
delay must be
freaking the fetishists.

Something satisfying too
about bombing Baghdad,
without having
permission or provocation
just doing it
for fun and profit
because we want to.

Fantastically frustrating
is all this effort
to bribe and bully
the UN
into granting Powell
a Hell pass
for mass murder.
Diplomatic blabber
mutha of all bombs.

I was a young kid in Brooklyn
they were going to execute the Rosenbergs
("the atomic spies")
they granted a stay.
My parents were pleased,
the penalty was too harsh,
then they vacated the stay.
They were fried in the electric chair
the Brooklyn Eagle
had a drawing of smoke
coming out of Ethel's head and I was a little kid
stays were false promises
war always happened.

posted by stew at 9:24 AM

wWednesday, March 12, 2003

Bon Appetite

If you happen to be dining
in the
House of Representatives Cafeteria
Don't order French Fries.
You might be in violation
of the Patriot Act,
better ask for
Freedom Fries
and make sure
you don't breath the air
around French Toast.
Congressional Republicans,
to demonstrate
that George Bush
has shrunk their intelligence,
to his level,
have officially changed the names
of these pacifist sounding foods.
Freedom Toast, Freedom Fries
brings happy patriotism to your cholesterol,
kind of makes you want
to Freedom Kiss.

From now on
we should be eating
Pittsburghers and Freedom Fries.
Patriots don't want their meat patties
named after
a German city.
The nerve
of those cowardly Krauts
being against our war
just because
they lost theirs.

posted by stew at 8:22 AM

wTuesday, March 11, 2003

Seeing Double Dubya

Bully Bush's bluff
being called by
France & Russia,
he backs off for a bit,
will seek a compromise UN resolution
on how to destroy Iraq.

Two competing images of Dubya.

He is a religious fanatic
will wage Iraqi war
no matter
if all the experts,
his father
a billion protesters
say no.

He's a cowardly bully
who always gets away with it
because of an all purpose
silver spoon.
But if you do
eye ball the guy
at high noon,
he will blink.

One day
the uncapped crusader
Another day
a trash talking coward.

Bush was once
Born Again,
entirely transformed
Moses on a mountain.
But the magic
only seems to work
every other day

Skitzo George
losing all our marbles.

posted by stew at 9:27 AM

wMonday, March 10, 2003

God Damn It

The war has started.
Americans and Brits
are bombing Iraqi defenses.
Nothing new in the "no-fly zone"
the rate of assault
has tripled.
Its the softening up
before the hell storm.

When millions marched
against bombing Vietnam
Nixon watched football
feigned indifference.
When millions march
against bombing Iraq
Bush prays
his Lord
tells Dubya,
he's like the Blues Brothers
"on a mission from God."
And Bush isn't feigning,
he really doesn't care
if a billion people
march around the White House
if the Vatican gets down
on it hands
pacifist knees.
One word from his God
and we are all turned
in to
infinitesimal frogs
"Heil to the Chief."

What him worry?

Hells Bells

One of those
nuclear gopher bombs
digs a deep hole
in the agonized earth
keeps on going
Korea and China,
it scores a direct hit
on Hell
destroying all evil
putting an end
to Christianity.
Dispirited Bush
goes back on the bottle.
After a time,
he turns out to be a party animal
everyone is relieved.

posted by stew at 8:57 AM

wSunday, March 09, 2003

Tale Of Two Michaels

A civil war
on the NY Times best sellers list.

Number 1
it's been someplace on the list for 46 weeks
is Michael Moore's
"Stupid White Men."
Michael hates
capitalists and Bush
like a crazed Yippie
from a closet
20 years of boredom.
His publisher
once wanted to scrap the book
because all America
loved George Bush.

Number 2
"The Savage Nation"
by Michael Savage.
A racist radio
talk show host
who makes Rush
sound like a Japanese tea ceremony.
His planned move into television
has thrown chills
into overheated moderates.
How much you bet
not too many folks
read both Michaels
just to hear
two sides of the discussion
freedom and fascism?

Country is getting ready
for a bad moon
massive disagreement
domestic disintegration.
Like in the Sixties
but this time
right down the middle.

For those not yet choosing sides,
there is
Number 3 on the NY Times list
by Po Bronson,
"What Should I Do With My Life?"
People who found their calling
after 50 years of struggle.
Very warm hearted indeed
these days
George Bush
is giving you only a week
to make up your mind.
Which Michael are you on?

posted by stew at 10:53 AM