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wSaturday, March 01, 2003

Exile And The Ocean

Judy and I left Bushville
for a couple days.
Walked on the beach
where there is no
beginning or conclusion,
just still happening.
Sea gulls never heard of Cheney.
Pacific Ocean figures we're all
lost at sea.
Wonderful no time surreal rocks
more muscular than armies of empire.
The Junta doesn't dare breathe
in this crystal sun.

Sylvia Beach Hotel,
all the rooms are named
for writers
lots more,
we stayed in
the Lincoln Steffens room.
Had an ancient upright typewriter.
Made me want to bang out stuff
Lenin and Trotsky,
who are these Bolsheviks anyway?

in the dining room
the good Goody
and five friends,
happy exiles from the empire.
Plotting rebellion
loving the salmon.

posted by stew at 10:08 AM

wThursday, February 27, 2003

Dubya's Neighborhood

George was telling the nation
that his ruling Iraq
will bring peace
to the Middle East
a democratic state
to the Palestinians.
Somehow the conflict
(started in 1900)
Israelis and Palestinians
is Saddam's fault.

Twisting lips Bush
is trying
to shrink our brains
to his modest size
black and white.
His voice
is serious sinister
and slightly embarrassed
like he's talking about
sex in public
or maybe even
Dubya knows
his unbelievable script
too obviously
a lie.

No wonder
Mr. Rogers
just died.
There was no room at the inn
in Bush's Babylon
for his naive voice
of hope, love, and logic,
and most of all

intending cruelty,
Fred Rogers
didn't lick his lips
to wash away
scripts and lies.

Going away for a day. No blog tomorrow. If world is here when I return, my blogging will continue.

posted by stew at 8:55 AM

wWednesday, February 26, 2003

Busting Heads

struck another blow
for white bread America.
He's closing down headshops
arresting their owners.
He's closing down web sites
that sell bongs
arresting their owners.
Go to one of those sites
and you get switched
to Ashcroft
telling you bongs and spoons are illegal
ha ha
we know where you live.

Someday soon
when you go
to an antiwar website
you will get switched to Ashcroft.
Ha ha,
he knows where you live.

Paying Dues

French diplomats
are warning us
that a Bush war
will divide the democratic world
bring on terrible conflict.
Dubya doesn't care.

CIA types
are warning us
that a Bush war
means escalating terrorism
not just in obscure places.
What's so special about 9/11?
Dubya doesn't care.

are warning us
that a Bush war
means economic recession
high oil prices
Dubya doesn't care.

Bush doesn't give a damn
he was born
with a silver spoon in his nose.
He never had to suffer consequences.
A twenty year drunken binge
didn't destroy his marriage
didn't wreck his health.
He wound up in the White House.
Bush did lousy in High School,
he didn't wind up in
Dallas Community College
He owned a baseball team
traded Sammy Sosa.
They didn't tar and feather George,
they elected him governor.
He ran for president and lost.
He wound up in the Oval Office!

Dubya never has to care.
We suffer his karma.
His hangovers and histrionics.
We pay Dubya's dues.

Whose Killing the Great Chefs?

A master French chef
just killed himself.
Friends think it's because
his restaurant
was slightly down graded
in an important guide.
But I'm suspicious.
What better way
for Rummy
to punish the French
insolence and independence?
Bush is a hamburger sort of guy.

posted by stew at 9:08 AM

wTuesday, February 25, 2003

Farce and Death

Saddam's been watching
reality TV programs,
wants to costar with Bush
in a
"The Presidents Debate"
Fox summer spectacular.
Imagine Saddam and Bush
debating with fascist ferocity
Saddam cursing in Arabic
Bush stumbling in Texan,
they argue
they debate
but look,
was that a moment of dialog?
Are they becoming a couple?
I can't stand the suspense.

Saddam sense of theater
is admirable.
Before the soul's dark night
of Bushian tragedy
commences its devastation,
he's softening our despair
farce and foolishness.
Diversion before the doom,
Saddam the comedian
of death
has a last laugh.

Ungrateful Guests

Pakistanis are fleeing to Canada
by the thousands.
America is going to deport them
back to their native land
where they face
many varieties of persecution
they would rather live in
colder Canada
and apply for asylum.

Problem is
the Canadians are sending them back.
They don't have enough bureaucrats
to give due process at the border,
Come back next week
our northern neighbor declares.
But there is no next week,
the Americans are arresting them
on the rebound.

The nerve of these Paks
trying to leave America
just because
it's going to deport them.

posted by stew at 9:37 AM

wMonday, February 24, 2003

Bouncing Bernadette

Good old Jimmy Breslin
informs us that
Bernadette Devlin
got booted from Bushland
when she arrived from Belfast.
She was once a member
of the Brit parliament
and a socialist leader
for Irish justice.
She was a flaming radical
back in the '70's.

Full disclosure!
I once got drunk with Bernadette
in the members only
Parliament saloon.
That was a long time ago.
She's been coming to American Babylon
for decades
and didn't throw a single bomb.
But now that she's a grandmother with a bum leg
she's considered ineligible for admission
can't buy her grand children presents in Macys,
bounced her back to Belfast.
Indignant, Ms. Devlin told them
"You can't do that, I have my rights."
Better informed, the INS thug replied
"Since 9/11, nobody has any rights."

Went walking in Portland
early this morning.
Very cold.
Very windy.
Harsh exercise.
But the sun was shining bright.
Made me think of better times
Of warm days
walking on the beach
mellow on my deck
growing tomatoes
It was before 9/11.
George Bush wasn't President.
And we still had rights.

posted by stew at 10:18 AM

wSunday, February 23, 2003

The Elephant Man

Again the papers tell us
that Bush is running out of patience,
even if Saddam
does what he is told
he isn't being told enough,
Dubya wants war.

Every press conference
is an excuse
for a terrible two's tantrum,
Bush never had to wait
for a stalled subway,
in 100 degrees of humidity,
he stomps his feet
curses France
with silly syntax,
for treating him like Babar.

The old woman wants to teach
the Texas elephant
a difficult
well learned lesson,
about ruling the world.
"You can't do it."

Millions marching
calm the stampeding elephant
on his way
to our graveyard.

posted by stew at 10:50 AM