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wThursday, October 24, 2002

Do they have the sniper? The tarot terrorist.
Is he really just a September 11 copy cat
who is giving Ashcroft
yet another reason to shred the constitution?
And be rounding up even more people
for what they might do in the future
they have dangerous ideas and skin colors?

While shooting bus drivers and children,
snipers like this,
shred civilization and hope.

posted by stew at 9:33 AM

wWednesday, October 23, 2002

On Oct 22 I found myself marching in the sunny fall streets of Portland, OR. This time the protest was against the war at home. It was a rally against police brutality.

George Bush came to our City Of Roses a few months ago and the police responded by clubbing, spraying, shooting and otherwise abusing those who protested against the great pretenders appearance in our town. The Oct 22 event, and there were similar antipolice savagery events around the country, drew about 150 mostly hard-core rebels. The average age was 25. The attire was black and some wore bandanas. At almost 63, I was probably the oldest bohemian present. Representing my generation, I wore a tie-dye T shirt.

Festivities began with a rally in the park. The park event included free food and warm communal spirits. Then we went into the streets and marched on City Hall. There were also some speakers at City Hall. And a few tense moments, when the noisy crowd actually entered the building. Then again we went back into the streets and returned to the park.

There was no violence on the march, no pepper spray, no permits, no rubber bullets and most surprisingly no police. The marchers were allowed to make a lot of noise, there was a brigade of extreme drummers, slightly disrupt rush hour traffic, enter City Hall and the attitude of the authorities was "big deal." It seems that the local police elite is more likely to get the blood lust when George Bush is in town.

Full disclosure, necessitates my mentioning that I spoke at the park rally. I told those present about a decades ago time that a bunch of us were arrested in Washington, DC for doing absolutely nothing. The bust was at the direct order of President Richard Nixon. I told them about the cops standing by, while we dug ourselves out of, and escaped from a make shift detention camp. The cops were ashamed of the bust. They let us go. Moral of this tale? You never know where you might find some human decency. Reach out!

posted by stew at 11:17 AM

wTuesday, October 22, 2002

I'll be speaking at an anti-police brutality rally today.
The organizers of the event
chose not to request permits
by so doing,
are giving the police
another opportunity
to practice


posted by stew at 1:20 PM

wMonday, October 21, 2002

Supremes refuse to review
teenage executions,
nothing cruel and unusual about
putting a teenager to death.
Abraham was willing to kill
his own son
at gods special request
and Isaac was
a well behaved kid.
Murdering teenagers
must be a sacred task,
no fair asking
the Supremes
to abolish
freedom of religion.

posted by stew at 5:17 PM


Powell is sweetly saying,
we want
Saddam disarmed
that will do,
thank you.

But then
the White house
responds and asserts,
that wont be quite enough,
Saddam's no gentleman
or man of his word,
so most assuredly
he must go.

Will somebody please
tell me,
whose running this show?

posted by stew at 11:04 AM